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BiOrb Service Kit

BiOrb Service Kit
zoom imageBiOrb Service Kit 

BiOrb Service Kit

BiOrb Service Kit
Price $16.99

The biOrb Service Kit provides just what you need to keep your stylish twenty-first century aquarium looking as good as new. The filter cartridge works like a waste bin with its ability to trap dirt. Once full it should be thrown away and replaced wi th a new one. A natural substrate in the cartridge polishes the water and removes impurities helping to keep the water clear. To keep your biOrb or biUbe at its best this should be done every one or two months. A partial water change of 30% should be carried out at the same time. The biOrb Service Kit eliminates the need to cut filter foam deal with messy carbon and measure out doses of water treatment - simple. The kit also includes an algae cleaning cloth and a sachet of water-preparation chem icals. Dimensions: 4.75L x 1.77W x 7.5H inches.About Reef OneReef One has a reputation for developing pioneering products; however there`s much more to the company than the innovative aquatic products they`ve designed. People from more than 20 countr ies use and trust Reef One aquariums. Their decade of experience sustained research and continual commitment to quality mean that today biOrb aquariums are leaders in technology and innovation
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