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Clear For Life Cube Aquarium

Clear For Life Cube Aquarium
zoom imageClear For Life Cube Aquarium 

Clear For Life Cube Aquarium

Clear For Life Cube Aquarium
Price $699.99

About This Clear for Life AquariumThe Clear for Life Pentagon Aquarium has a geometric appeal with its perfect cube design. Choose between two acrylic tint options in 25- and 60-gallon sizes based on availability.Clear for Life Aquariums are made fro m acrylic which offers greater aesthetic beauty than glass. Acrylic aquariums are also 50 percent lighter 40 percent brighter and 17 times stronger than glass giving them a distinct advantage.Complete your fresh water aquarium system (scroll down to purchase accessories):Filter - This keeps your aquarium clean. Use a hang-on style filter for aquariums under 50 gallons; consider a more powerful canister style filter for larger aquariums.Heater - Many tropical fish require the water to be above a certain temperature. The wattage of the heater you need depends on the size of aquarium and the number of degrees you need to raise the water temperature from the current room temperature. Click into the details of the heater you`re interested in (fe atured below) to determine the size you need.Thermometer - We`ve found digital thermometers to be the most accurate.Light Fixture - Many aquariums come with empty hoods so you need to install a light fixture on the inside of the hood (most people cho ose a standard fluorescent light kit). This is an easy job that can be done in minutes with a screwdriver.Light Bulb - We recommend a bulb with color-enhancing phosphors to provide full-spectrum lightAquarium Stand - Stands not only complete the look of your aquarium but also provide storage for supplies and external filters for larger tanks.We also offer a wide assortment of plants rocks coral and figurines on our Aquarium Decorations aisle
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