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Lunar Aquarium Lights

Lunar Aquarium Lights
zoom imageLunar Aquarium Lights 

Lunar Aquarium Lights

Lunar Aquarium Lights
Price $42.99

About Lunar Lights Create the ultimate moonlight effect in your aquarium with Lunar Lights. By casting a beautiful moon glow over your tank or terrarium these lights let you enjoy the beauty of the underwater world even at night while consuming less than 1 watt of power. Lunar Lights are also believed to promote spawning in fish. Which colored light is right for you? The Moon White is perfect for use in reef tanks and all fresh and saltwater aquariums to simulate the lunar glow of a full mo on on a summer tropical night. Also great for terrarium use. Reptilian Red is ideal for use in all terrariums to promote and view nocturnal activity. The Nocturnal Blue creates a mysterious nighttime glow for nocturnal viewing. Ideal for use in a ll fresh and saltwater aquariums reef tanks and terrariums
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